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Mobilising the 4/14 Window

Digitally Interactive . Manga Game . Cyber Discipleship

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Nearly 80% of the world’s believers come to Christ by age 14 — hands down, kids are by far the most Gospel-responsive demographic, they are also the most Gospel-cooperative, and share more readily than adults. What might happen if kids/youth had an easy, fun, and intriguing way to share? What could be better than a game, a comic, a digital breakthrough? The Treasure Hunt App aims to be all that.


Treasure Hunt App

The Treasure Hunt App is a fun way to reach out to friends anytime, anywhere, lead them to Christ, and help them start their adventure with Jesus.


Treasure Hunt Challenge

Pocket Manga

A simple pocket-manga tells the story of Hikari and Mana competing to find answers to the mysteries they face. Join them on their quest and discover treasure yourself!

Pick your language!


Treasure Hunt Venture

Discipleship Series

A lean discipleship series that will mobilize the future—now.

Enter God’s adventure and follow Jesus like never before!


The Treasure Hunt Venture is three books, just fifteen quests, and countless amazing discoveries await.


Your world is about to change for all eternity!

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